Every night Javier watches a game from the Copa America. It is always one of Chile's historical victories. He saves the videos on his computer and knows the exact timecode for every important moment in the game.

Chapod has a soccer team and their own field. They almost never play Palin, a common Mapuche sport similar to field hockey.

They play games every week against teams from other Mapuche and Chilean communities.

Representatives from the government present funding for an indigenous music class for disabled children offered by a neighbor community. It is a difficult process to receive government funding but they do support projects in development and cultural preservation for specific Mapuche communities. The projects often help create opportunities for cultural tourism.

During a soap making class, a teacher gave a presentation on gender equality. She spoke generally of women that feel trapped in violent households, sexual violence and the resources available to help them.

The women could barely stop laughing talking about male gender stereotypes. After class they each took a pamphlet explaining how to make soap to prove they attended the soap making class if necessary. Some communities would be less welcoming to this classes theme than Chapod.

Equality of Gender:
The equality of gender is the standardization of just and equal distribution of existing opportunities to both sexes. Men and women must progress with the same opportunities for development. At the same time, they must guarantee that resources will be assigned in a symmetrical way. The equality of gender is related to concepts like equality, justice and dignity.
— Poster in the women's soap making class. Chapod, Chile.

A North American pastor and missionary, Mark Volstad, comes to talk with the people of Chapod.

Felipe and Javier wait to eat during a power outage in their home in Chapod. Although the community has been rapidly developing; they have visitors from the city and more recourses than ever before, they still do not live like those in the city.