Samuel and his son, Javier, wait for dinner amidst a power outage affecting the entire community of Chapod. It is difficult to access electricity and water in the rural areas of Chile. 


Samuel's cousin sprays pesticides on their wheat field. Samuel says that the wheat will not grow because a witch that leaves near by cursed their land.


Samuel complains that his sons have decided to pursue jobs in the city and not on the farm.

The plastic flag shows where they have already sprayed. They must use gloves and masks to protect themselves from the harmful chemicals.


Norma feeds 20 chickens and roosters.

The women of Chapod work together to make yarn and other textiles to sell in the markets of Temuco and to the tourists that visit their community.

She hangs out her husband and son's clothing to dry outside the house.


Javier and Felipe play Spanish, Peruvian and Aymaran instruments. They have been playing music since they were children and now play music for the Evangelical Church in Chapod.